Thursday, 3 July 2014

Venice - Korfu - Previsa

 The final leg for 2013..,. and haul out and a clean for Salanjo.

The Croation Coast

We had been to most of the Croatian coast some years before, but went to different places this time round and found them very interesting since our last visit.

Monte Negro to Split

Mirjana's territory

The Ionian Sea and Korfu

This is the area of Odesus of Homer fame in the Odessy. Very interesting

Crete to Santorini and the Corinth Canal to the Ionian Sea

The Canal was started by the Romans.. and finished hundreds of years later... read why!

The Northern Sporades

We thought tis was the best area in the Agean sea... read why.

The Black Sea Adventure - Part 2

Crimea, the Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria... pretty interesting stuff!